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The Werner Wicker Clinic in Bad Wildungen belongs to the privately-owned Wicker Group with nine rehabilitation clinics and two acute care hospitals throughout Germany. All Wicker Clinics are held to high standards: medical care at an outstanding level. We have specialized in treating patients from the Arab world and Gulf states for more than 35 years: We understand and respect your particular cultural requirements, and we ensure that these requirements are fully met, from dietary accommodations to medical care. Please find additional information about the Werner Wicker Clinic at

Our Centres and Speciality Departments

Spinal Cord Injury Centre

Head Physician Priv.-Lec. Dr. med. Thomas Meiners
Specialist in Orthopaedics
Specialist in Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery
Specialist in Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine

Professional Care for Acute Paralysis and Consequent Injuries

In cases of fresh paraplegia, we provide immediate assistance to stabilise your overall condition, retain mobility, manage complications, and increase your independence.

In addition, we treat paralysis (both congenital and due to injury) and are available for follow-up care of severe craniocerebral trauma and spinal cord injuries. Other indications include illnesses or congenital nervous system disorders.

Acute Care and Follow-Up Treatment

After a spinal cord injury, spinal shock typically occurs. Consequently, motor, sensory, and autonomic functions may be affected. After the shock subsides, many patients are able to voluntarily control certain functions. We manage surgical and non-surgical acute care and interdisciplinary monitoring, as well as intensive care.

Spinal Column Surgery Centre / German Scoliosis Centre

Head Physician Dr. med. Oliver Meier
Specialist in Trauma Surgery and Orthopaedics

Industry-Leading Musculoskeletal System Expertise

Our Spinal Surgery Centre / German Scoliosis Centre is one of the largest and most prestigious speciality centres of its type in the world. We treat the full spectrum of spinal column disorders, from scoliosis and kyphosis of all types (and causes) to rib humps and vertebral fractures.

Superior Safety and High Levels of Success

We pose no upper or lower age limit for our treatments for stabilising the spinal column or gaining mobility. With more than 35 years of experience and over 1,000 major surgeries annually, our patients can rely on a high degree of safety. Especially since we use the most modern technology during surgical procedures.

Neurourology Department

Head Physician Dr. med. Johannes Kutzenberger
Specialist in Urology

Head Physician Dr. med. Marcus Nehiba
Specialist in Urology

Reversing, Alleviating, and Managing Loss of Function

Often, new injuries, chronic paraplegia, and other neurological disorders lead to injuries of the central and peripheral nervous systems.

This often leads to neurogenic bladder disorders (NBD) associated with urinary incontinence. We offer the full spectrum of traditional and surgical treatment options to help you best manage these types of autonomic function loss.

Comprehensive Diagnostic for Goal-Oriented Treatment

We use our comprehensive diagnostic methods in order to choose the appropriate treatment for you. With their help, we monitor bodily functions, recognize risks early, and can quickly assess the chance of success of surgical treatment. In particular, we offer renowned expertise in bladder pacemakers, ventral root stimulators, and regaining lost bladder function with bowel tissue.

Neurosurgery Department

Head Physician Dr. med. Hassan Taha
Specialist in Neurosurgery

Excellence and Expertise in a Caring Environment

In the neurosurgical department, we pool our expertise and experience in treating disorders, malformations, and injuries of the central and peripheral nervous systems. Indications include tumours, abscesses, cysts and inflammations, haemorrhages and pathological increase in fluid retention, as well as skull fractures, open craniocerebral trauma, and skull reconstruction. Additional indications include malformations, compromised or clamped neural structures, and herniated vertebral discs.

Renowned Expertise in Neurosurgery and Pain Management

From the preliminary examination and diagnosis to surgical treatment and rehabilitation, we offer you a wide variety of medical, technical, and therapeutic treatment at a high level of quality. Our department has a reputation for excellence in the treatment of spinal cord and brain tumours. We are also experts in paediatric neurosurgery and pain management.

Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

Head Physician Dr. med. Lothar Poloczek
Specialist in Anaesthesia and Special Intensive Care

Simplifying Medical Procedures and Avoiding Complications

We provide post-anaesthesia and intesive care for all of our clinic patients in one highly-specialized unit. Our goals are administering anaesthesia safely, minimalising surgery complications, and providing reliable intensive care to ensure the best possible recovery for our patients.

Comprehensive Care

We follow a fully holistic approach. We advise the physicians and surgeons before surgical intervention, just as we try to alleviate patients' possible misgivings about anaesthesia during our informed consent discussions. During anaesthesia, we closely monitor the patient’s perception of pain and numbness, as well as the patient’s bodily functions. After surgery, we educate relatives about long-term at-home respiration as may be necessary for patients paralysed from the neck down.

Do you have questions?

We want our patients to know their treatment options and prospects. This leads to some frequently asked questions. Many of those questions are answered below. If you still have questions, please send us your question(s) - in English - via email. Shortly after we will provide an answer in writing or by telephone.



How does your clinic organise the care of Arab patients?

Our qualified, experienced care team is available to you round-the-clock for nursing care. Patient care is usually provided by female staff in our clinic. Our care team is experienced in treating patients from Arab countries and the Gulf states. English-speaking medical staff are generally available to you. Our care team is dedicated to supporting your recovery.

Does your clinic treat children?

Even young children may suffer from disorders of the spinal column. As a result, we have been treating children for years with modern methods adapted to paediatric medicine in our Spinal Surgery Centre. We cannot make any final decisions before examining your medical documentation and performing the initial physical examination.

I am already over 60 years old. Is it possible and feasible to perform spinal column surgeries on elderly patients?

There are generally no age restrictions for spinal column surgeries. We utilise implants and treatments specially adapted for the care of elderly patients. Before deciding upon surgical treatment, the anaesthesiologist - and, in some cases, the internist - requires a precise explanation of any pre-existing medical conditions. In consideration of these factors, the results of our spinal column operations are very good, even for elderly patients.

Does your clinic only offer surgical treatment options?

No. There are many different health situations which do not currently (or may not ever) require surgical intervention. Naturally, we also provide these non-surgical treatment options.

Does your clinic have a physiotherapy department?

Our clinic has a large physiotherapy department with more than 45 employees. We offer fully modern physiotherapy treatments, with individualised treatment options. Our medical staff’s many outstanding qualifications allow early, focused, and gentle care after surgical treatment. Multiple times per day, we perform exercises with you to help you regain your health as quickly as possible.

Where can I find medical aids that I will need during my stay in the clinic?

Our clinic offers an orthopaedic specialist workshop in which you can work individually with the necessary and appropriate resources. You will be supported by our 15 highly qualified and experienced care ergotherapists while choosing and adapting these medical aids to your needs. On our grounds, you will also find our pharmacy, which gives you direct access to all necessary medications.

Which diagnostic methods can be performed in the clinic?

All examinations necessary for your treatment, such as magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomography, digital subtraction angiography, myelography, special neurological examinations, laboratory examinations, and special urodynamic examinations are available in our clinic.

Accommodation and Support

What kind of accommodation can I expect in your clinic?

Our clinic is primarily equipped with double rooms. Upon request, and for an additional fee, you can be accommodated in a single room. All rooms are equipped with a private bathroom, which includes a bathtub, shower, and toilet. Rooms also include a television - on which some Arabic channels are available - as well as an internet connection for your laptop. We also provide you with a telephone. However, use of the telephone is subject to fees. All patients and their visitors are welcome in our café.

What should I (and what may I) bring for my stay in the Werner Wicker Clinic?

We recommend comfortable clothing during your stay at the clinic. Remember personal linens, athletic clothing, a bathing suit, closed shoes such as slippers or athletic shoes, and your glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, or other hearing or vision assistance tools. And don’t forget to pack a few books, in case you would like to read.

How will I be cared for in your clinic?

We offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner in our clinic. We will accommodate your dietary wishes to the best of our ability. In particular, we can accommodate religious dietary restrictions. We offer all dietary options in our clinic. Our trained dieticians will be happy to answer any personal dietary questions. You may choose to eat your meals in your room or in our patient restaurant.

Can you also accommodate my loved ones or companions in your clinic?

If a loved one or caregiver needs to be accommodated in addition to a patient, we are generally able to accommodate this request. For paediatric care, a limited number of relatives can sleep in the patient’s room. Please let us know during your initial consultation if you need accommodation for additional guests. We will then immediately tell you whether we can accommodate this request, and under what conditions. If accommodation in the clinic - especially for longer stays - is not possible, we will arrange accommodation in a nearby bed-and-breakfast or hotel.

Does your clinic have Arabic-speaking employees?

Since we have been treating patients from Arabic-speaking countries for more than 30 years, we have done everything in our power to avoid linguistic barriers: Some of our personnel are of Arab descent and speak Arabic. Many speak English. In addition, your home country’s embassies and consulates offer interpreters for your discussions with physicians, therapists, and care personnel in Arabic or German during your stay in our clinic.

Treatment Costs and Payment Transactions

How does your clinic calculate treatment costs?

The framework of treatment costs is regulated by German federal law. We calculate your treatment costs in accordance with the legal regulations applicable to German patients. Any costs for private medical services will be listed on your invoice. In this respect, foreign patients are subject to the same regulations as our domestic patients.

When will I learn what the cost of my treatment will be?

After assessing your medical documentation and performing the initial examination, we will generate a non-binding estimate of treatment cost. Note that this is merely an estimate. The actual treatment costs will be determined upon completion of treatment.

Which requirements must I fulfil in order to receive treatment at your clinic?

Before we can begin inpatient treatment in our clinic, we need a declaration of financial responsibility addressed to you by an official institution in your home country (embassy, consulate, health attaché, etc.). If this declaration of financial responsibility is not provided to us, then you must make an advance payment to the clinic amounting to the estimated cost of treatment.

I heard that patient mediation agencies organise hospital stays abroad. Does your clinic work with patient mediation agencies?

No. Our clinic does not work with patient mediation agencies that provide brokerage services based on commission. Since our clinic has treated and supported foreign patients for more than thirty years, we are not reliant on brokerage from patient mediation agencies.

Accessibility and Location

How can I reach your clinic?

Frankfurt International Airport is located 150 km from our clinic, less than a two hour drive. Bad Wildungen (population: 17,000) is set in the picturesque mountain region of north Hessia, between Marburg and Kassel. This spa town, steeped in tradition, offers diverse cultural and leisure activities, in addition to its historical features. The next larger city is Kassel (population: 190,000), a 45-minute drive away.

Follow-up Care

Which medical information will I receive at the end of my treatment?

After completing all examinations and treatments in our clinic, you will receive a physician’s discharge report. This report will provide you and any other care providers with information about the treatment you received at our facility and any necessary follow-up care. You will be notified should a check-up or additional care at our clinic become necessary at a later time.

Will I also receive medical aids and medications to use after I leave the clinic?

We will request reimbursement from your insurance company for the cost of medical aids needed after completing your care. If approved by your insurance company, we will gladly provide you with the necessary medical aids. We will provide you with an initial supply of necessary medication for the first few days after you have left the clinic. Our physicians will provide you with a prescription for any required medications. You can fill this prescription at any German pharmacy.

I have other questions. Where can I find answers?

Please send any additional questions via email to: Either we will answer your questions in an email or we will offer you an appointment to answer your questions via telephone.

Additional Information

We will gladly answer any questions related to your stay.

Please download our information brochure here.

We will gladly answer your questions via email. Please do not hesitate to write us! (in English, please)

Bad Wildungen –
in the centre of Germany

Bad Wildungen is located between the cultural hub of Kassel and the University of Marburg in the ‘holiday region’ of Waldeck-Frankenberg. In fact, the Hessian city has plenty to offer to its 17,000 residents and 110,000 annual visitors: It is located adjacent the largest spa gardens in Europe, has numerous iron, magnesium, and “sparkling” springs, and a history dating back to the year 800. It also boasts the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park, a picturesque landscape, and many cultural offerings. These include concerts in the Friedrichstein Baroque castle, the annual jazz festival, the traditional town fair with flower parade, and the International Samba Festival.

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